About Us

Introducing the Bulls Eye Building line of products from BMP Metal Products. BMP has been manufacturing a full line of residential and commercial building components for over 25 years. Over the years we have discovered that there was a need from homeowners and contractors for steel buildings. These steel buildings required permits, needed to be easy to install and economical compared to traditional methods of costly wood and/or iron beams.


Through many years of research and development, we have created a method to offer the best light gauge (15 ga.) tubular steel frame systems on the market today. We work with the only manufacturing company that builds our Bulls Eye Building frame systems by cutting & welding the main component pieces that make up the trusses. Other companies use a process that bends the tubing and/or has a swaged end that fits together; others use gusset plates to connect the tubing. Our Bulls Eye Buildings aren’t just carports with walls – our design has proven to be easy to erect while being as strong as the designs used in commercial sized buildings.


Our Bulls Eye Building structures are pre-engineered and designed to be in compliance with the IBC2003 Building Code and ASCE 7-02 Wind Provisions.


Our Galvanized Bulls Eye Building frames are designed for open structures, such as carports, RV covers, boat covers, or combo carport/storage area.


Bulls Eye Building frames are designed for all enclosed buildings such as garages, workshops, warehouses, storage sheds, or even office/warehouse combo buildings.


All Bulls Eye Building structures are designed to be adaptable to whatever your needs are, whether it is for residential, commercial, industrial, and/or agricultural uses.


We can proudly say that our Bulls Eye Building structures are strong, attractive, affordable, and erection is as simple as it gets. It’s simply the BEST DESIGN on the market today.


We strive for QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, now and in the future. Let us build your next project.